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Meet the Grand Member Committee

Lord Trousers

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 This is the original founding member , current President and self proclaimed Lord Trousers of West Green Common. Known for spreading good cheer, spending ludicrous amounts repairing his 1971 11a Land Rover "Tintin" much to the dismay of the real CEO his missus Teapot. He's the face of the LMC and lifeblood of the organisation. Lord Trousers acquired Tintin from the former owner of the brewery that is the current house that is proudly owned by Trousers and his missus. Never glum always up to mischief , he is always plotting the club's next adventure.

Capt. Ratty

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Capt Ratty is a lifelong enthusiast of Land Rovers and in the current festival year, he is the Grand Superintendent of Works at the London Mud Club, he normally campaigns in his Series 3 Land Rover called "Little Blue"  and he has another called "Big Green".  He's a practical person and a doer and he's the best person to have around in a crisis. Also known to be the supplier of GnTs. Usually the sidekick of Trousers on adventures he was bestowed the name after many drinks and a longwinded story to do with Wind in the Willows and the Toad. I leave it to your imagination.


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Woody is our chief communication officer and one of our original founders. He drives a 1984 Series 388" running 200TDI called "Betty" and also has an eclectic mix of other cars but his Mum is a worse car hoarder than he is. It runs in the family! They are all car nutters. His Dad owned his classic Rr since new and drove across the US and Mexico in it.

Rocket 88

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 Rocket 88 is one of our founding members, and he is the Chairman of the Membership Select Committee, He drives "Ida" who is a 1957 series 188' LHD now running 2.0l Mazda petrol power with zf steering.  Ida was brought back to life after standing for years abandoned on the banks of a Norwegian fjord. Rocket obtained her in a BOGOF deal with a Citroen Ds he was particularly pleased to add her to the 12 other cars he has in his already ecclectic collection.


Seaside Martini

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A founding member and now Operations Director at the LMC, his daily drive is a 2010 Defender utility vehicle bought as a work vehicle. he has had a hereditary love of Land Rovers since riding around in the back of his Grandpa's series 2a pick up as a youngster. He has an inability to say no to any off-roading adventure, or mucky fun. He has now bought a dog to complete the perfect Instagram life.

The Professor


This is The Professor who heads up our Global Members Programme and is our Expedition Director. He owns and drives a white 2005 Defender TD5 and is usually based in South Australia. He has not long come back from a trip to SA to QD driving along the Strzelecki track 472 km of unsealed road. He then returned on the Birdsville road 517km of gravel road. His defender has never yet let him down. He inspires us to test the limits!



Meet "Armchair" he is a founding member and in charge of the head oofice secretariat and as such is in charge of Maureen and all the clubs administration details, he drives a Land Rover Discovery 1 (1997) called "disco dolly" and his interesting fact is - if you can close one ye when driving you can squeeze through smaller gaps. He claims to have tried it and it works.   

Sir Snapalot


Official in residence Photographer. He drives - Harold - his silver Mercedes 280SE. He never goes anywhere without dog treats despite not owning a dog. He prefers dogs to humans but makes allowances if humans own dogs or cars - especially classic cars ( especially old Land Rovers) he loves nothing more ( when he is not on international photo shoots) to come and play in the mud with the LMC.

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